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Common reasons you may seek my services bi weekly, weekly, or bi monthly include:

  • personal symptoms of depression and/or anxiety
  • interpersonal conflicts with partners, siblings, parents, children or co-workers
  • faulty couple/marriage communication patterns
  • relationship coaching
  • emotional suffering; low self esteem and the like
  • symptoms of stress related to work or life
  • life transition issues
  • trauma related symptoms
  • loss and grief
  • desire for tools to assist relationship woes
  • advice and guidance
  • parenting issues
  • existential/spiritual conflicts
  • greater happiness and overall well-being

As an eclectic psychologist, I am not bound by a specific model, but instead draw upon a variety of theoretical orientations. Psychotherapy is about you and I believe that each individual is unique in his or her own way. Contrary to popular belief, one size does not fit all and the method of psychotherapy/counseling must fit the individual, not the other way around. The same is true for couple/marriage counseling.

The psychological models, which I use, include cognitive/behavioral psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, supportive psychotherapy and couple/marriage counseling.

Many of my clients are concerned with issues of spirituality and personal wellbeing. These individuals, after exploration and clarification, may be helped by learning meditation and/or the practice of mindfulness.

My treatments of emotional disorders for individuals or discord for the couple, are "evidence-based" which means they have been evaluated by researchers to be the most effective.

As a psychologist, I do not prescribe medications, but I may work in partnership with your physicians (with your signed permission, of course). Since the mind and body work together, the role of physical health and medication compliance is essential to a good therapeutic outcome.